What “Diaplous” implies

Our brand name, Diaplous is inspired by the Greek word "διάπλους" which means crossing.

And this is exactly of how we, in Diaplous Yachting, think of your sailing holidays from the time we leave the marina till our coming back:

As a crossing from one point to another having, meanwhile, the opportunity to, be inspired by the marvelous pictures, delicious tastes and wonderful smells that reach your senses, broaden your horizons and dream beyond limits and, at the end…, feel fulfilled and blessed.
Every place of the world, and this, of course, applies to Greece as well, is defined by certain elements and how they are combined with each other, that shape our overall experience when we visit it: these elements could be its' natural beauty, history, architecture, culture, gastronomy, religion and many more.

A separate element, usually with tremendous impact, is the locals no matter if you meet them at the tavern with traditional dishes by the beach at noon, encounter them during a stride at the old town in the afternoon or sit side by side at the cocktail bar at night.

Respecting your individual preferences we make sure that you get to know as many of these elements as you like or instead go a bit deeper to just a few of them if you have some specific interests that you want to satisfy while at the same time you have moments of relaxation and rest.

We work hard to ensure that this crossing will exceed your expectations and will be a memorable sailing holidays worth repeating with your friends soon.

Come on board Diaplous Yachting and let YOUR crossing begin..!

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