Our Focus

Capturing your individual interests and preferences brings us closer to your needs and to a successful sailing holidays experience.

Therefore, when we organize either a skippered or bareboat charter, we constantly focus on the following three areas in order to succeed and deliver services of high quality:

First area of focus: before the trip

We know that behind the scenes of a perfectly executed skippered sailing vacation charter there is a lot of dedication and commitment and also hours of preparation to the slightest detail. Here is the start point: we discuss with our customers to understand and, in a way to internalize their interests and preferences. This discussion will determine to a great extend the route that we will follow, the places that we will suggest you to visit and explore and the activities that is worth to be engaged with during our trip. We say to a great extend because when sailing one should fully respect weather conditions and should have prepared alternative routes in case that seas are not favorable.

For Diaplous Yachting our customer's safety is our primary concern.

Second area of focus: during the trip

The time of your sailing trip has eventually come. Here is that all the preparation that Diaplous Yachting has done for your trip pays off and you experience the sailing holidays of your dreams. The skipper will execute the route that we have agreed on and of course he is at your disposal for every question you may have during your stay on board.

Our main aim while on board is to make yourselves home and take the most out of your sailing holidays experiencing moments of relaxation and rest while getting to know new fantastic places and people at the same time. Your wide smile is the greatest reward for us.

Third area of focus: after the trip

An area that we are almost obsessed with as we continually strive to enhance your overall travel experience…

This is related with customer’s feedback. In Diaplous Yachting we believe that an honest feedback can accelerate significantly the process of further improvement of our services. And this is what we are looking for. Exactly for this reason we ask you to share with us your thoughts and feelings about your trip. This is the only way to ensure that next time we will be even better, because we are strong believers of the view that, for a company, the process of optimizing its’ services never ends.