Thematic Sailing Experiences

Sailing, this ancient way of crossing the seas, is an amazing activity. The feeling of freedom you experience while you are hearing only the wind and the sea as the boat is making way through the water is truly unique and has an almost healing effect to our body and mind.

Imagine now combining sailing with getting to know Greece through your own special interests. The ones that you are either passionate about or simply love to do or to learn about while you have some free time at home. This can definitely lead your sailing holidays in Greece to the next level.

In Diaplous Yachting we have put together some special thematic sailing experiences in our skippered charters. Regardless of travelling for learning, experiential or self-exploration reasons, you will probably find something that suits your preferences. And if not exactly, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you and make a tailor made sailing trip for you!