Booking Procedure

Booking procedure is divided in three steps:

1. Request

You complete a simple request form with all the necessary fields including the exact dates that you are interested in and any special requirements that you have. Please bear in mind that departures and returns are scheduled for Saturdays. Duration of charter may vary from one to three weeks.

On our side, we will answer to your request within 24 hours providing full details of the particular charter to help you come to a decision as quickly and easily as possible.

You will be able to find the request form here.

2. Option

Provided that our sailyacht is available for the specific dates and you are interested in the booking, you can ask us to block the boat (“option”) for 2 to 7 days at maximum - depending on the period - till your final decision is made. If you do not confirm the booking during this period, the “option” will be cancelled.

3. Booking

If you make your final decision and you wish to proceed with the booking, you will then need to send us an e-mail with all the details of the charter (including departure and arrival base, prices, any special requirements etc). We will reconfirm immediately the booking to you providing:

  • Diaplous Yachting official confirmation.
  • Charter Agreement signed by us (Charter Party) that you need to sign (Charterer) and send back to us with an e-mail
  • Request for a 50% down payment to secure the booking (see details below in payment section)
  • Crew List that you need to fill with the names of the crew and send to us with an e-mail.
  • Info letter providing necessary details of your sailing holidays.


Payments will take place in three different points of time:

Just after Charter Agreement is signed
50% of agreed charter fees should have reached our account by a bank draft or PayPal payment at latest 15 days after the Charter Agreement is signed in order to secure the booking.

Up to 30 days before departure
The remaining 50% of the agreed charter fees should have reached our account by a bank draft or PayPal payment at latest 30 days before departure.

Upon embarkation
All obligatory or optional extras should be paid upon embarkation by cash only.

Time point #1 & #2 above mentioned payments can be accomplished via bank transfer or Pay Pal payment. Please note that payment through PayPal has a 3,5% surcharge of the amount sent (PayPal transfer fees).