Sailing Holidays in Greece

Sailing holidays allows you to free your senses and dive with your family or friends into a unique travel experience. Alongside sailing itself, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the history, culture, architecture, gastronomy and local products of the destinations that you will visit during your stay.

And this brings us to…Diaplous Yachting!

We are a boutique sailing holidays company based in Athens and specialize in skippered or bareboat yacht rentals with our sailing yachts. We are characterized by high quality service, attention to detail and by offering you hospitality in its’ ancient Greek meaning - generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home – thus making you feel at home!

Whatever you may need during your stay in Greece, from transfer to the marina and food provisioning, to tips for your sailing route and restaurant suggestions in the islands, can be organized quickly according to your wishes.

Choose one of our boats, and allow us to provide you the essential element of our DNA:

Top quality services that will exceed your expectations and make your sailing holidays in Greece a memorable and authentic travel experience that you would like to share with your beloved in every detail!