It’s hard to think of a better way to explore the numerous picturesque islands and the continental coast line of sunny Greece than sailing.

For those of you who are either new to sailing or you have some experience but, in any case, you prefer to have a professional skipper onboard to take the most out of your sailing vacations in Greece, this is the place to be:

Welcome to Diaplous Yachting!

We specialize in skippered yacht charters with our self owned sailboats that will allow you to free your senses and dive into a unique sailing experience while at the same time you enjoy the history, culture, architecture, gastronomy and products of the islands or seaside villages that we will visit during your vacations.

For the rest of you who have both the certificates and the competence to skipper a sailing yacht yourselves, Diaplous Yachting offers its' sailing yachts as bare boat charters as well.

Choose Diaplous Yachting for your sailing holidays in Greece and allow us providing you with something that is a structural element of our DNA:

Top quality services that exceed your expectations and make your vacations in Greece a memorable and authentic experience that you would like to share in every detail with your beloved.

Find out what our brand (Diaplous - from the Greek word "διάπλους") implies